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Grace Weather

Brings you DRAMA, FAMILY and CULTURE from a second generation African living in Britain. She writes and narrates contemporary stories from her unique perspective.

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Grace Weather


Grace in Short

Always excited to get on a plane and land somewhere new, for years, Grace never settled anywhere longer than a year or two. She met many people and communities from all corners of the globe, experienced and saw the joys, feasts, lows and conflicts within the human family. Her stories are woven with those past events, fictionalised not only to entertain, but also to stimulate conversation. Read More


June 2024

From Podcast To Audiobook

A big heart felt THANK YOU to all my listeners for your support. So that I can continue making these audio stories, I have to change format. Resources necessary to maintain the entire process of writing, editing, recording and producing etc are unsustainable in its current format as a podcast.

Because of that, the rest of season one and previous episodes will be available as an audiobook for purchase soon.

The series will continue and each new season will be available as an audiobook for purchase.

I am sad I cannot continue to offer these as a podcast. I hope you will be able to continue enjoying Hope’s adventures as more people enter her life and the stories of family and culture unfold, begin to meet and cross over and bring together unexpected allies as well as conflicts.

Cheering you on,


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